Welcome to BesselVessel Textiles!

BesselVessel Textiles celebrates the creativity existing at the heart of nature’s interconnected growth cycles and engages in sustainability as a joyful process.

The full product lifecycle of my work contributes to a sustainable creative lifeforce, supports biodiversity and engages in processes that contribute to socioeconomic justice by enriching others in symbiosis with myself.

I take commissions for hand woven business logos and art pieces, developed and woven according to slow fashion.

I am a trained weaver with a personal practice and several years teaching experience. I teach textile skills from seed to end product and I offer specialised weaving courses and one-off workshops in Brighton and surrounding areas.

For the courses I offer through Kent Adult Education see: https://www.kentadulteducation.co.uk/shop/cid_20261/Weaving.aspx

I can be reached at: besselvesseltextiles@gmail.com


One response to “About”

  1. Love this site! Tremendous, thought-provoking creativity.

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