About BesselVessel!

Welcome to BesselVessel!

https://besselvessel.wordpress.com is a platform for interactions between Claire Bessel,  weaver, textile artist/craft person, teacher and people who are interested in what i do. I am a trained weaver with a personal practice and several years teaching experience. I teach textile skills from seed to end product and I offer specialised weaving courses and one off workshops in Brighton and surrounding areas.  I also take weaving commissions. Please get in touch via: cedes_b@yahoo.com with inquires. I welcome questions or comments.

For the courses I offer through Kent Adult Education see: https://www.kentadulteducation.co.uk/shop/cid_20261/Weaving.aspx

I offer tuition in a wide range of weaving techniques, draft plan construction, fabric composition, natural dyeing, wet felting and needle felting.

Traditional skills that generations past have relied on for their well being and survival are being rapidly lost as our dependency on mass production and distant market forces are increasing. With it the natural environment on which all life relies as well as life enhancing social structures, are being put in danger.

I am bringing back local skills which people and young people in particular can take pride in and which facilitates a culture of ecological and social well being. I challenge peoples understanding of what it means to live sustainably in an industrialized society through teaching craft skills. We explore together the potential this presents for personal enrichment, for ethical, social empowerment and ecological well being.

One response to “About BesselVessel!

  1. Julie ⋅

    Love this site! Tremendous, thought-provoking creativity.

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