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A mass of locally sourced brambles in preparation for a practical course in the natural crafts on April 22nd @

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Weaving Weekend in Collaboration with Romney Tweed and Romney Resource Centre

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  …LATEST NEWS…LATEST NEWS…LATEST NEWS…   4 Februrary, 2018                                 NEW ERA LOOMS FOR MARSH WEAVING INDUSTRY A new chapter in the future of one of our most important craft industries is about to open on Romney Marsh – thanks to an inaugural course run by Romney Tweed and the Romney Resource Centre. The… Read more.

madder at coachhouse poster

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In the afternoon we worked with madder root, dyeing wool and needle felting and in the morning SaraJane brought us her herbal expertise. At the end of the day students went away smiling with their first felted works and a bottle of myrtle water.

Summer Course in weaving Fridays 16th June > 21st July


In this experimental summer school class in Tunbridge Wells we will freely explore what is possible in weaving. You will work as a group to set up a range of weave structures, take turns weaving on each and explore after care techniques to achieve particular outcomes. You will get to take samples and plans of each weave home with you. You can sign up via the link or call reception on: 0300 041 2828

Weaving courses for beginner and developing weavers in Tunbridge Wells—Weaving.aspx

I am offering courses for beginners and developing weavers in both the autumn term 2016 and spring term 2017 at Tunbridge Wells Adult Education College. I am also offering a summer course 2017 for those who have completed the beginner and intermediate courses or are of a similar standard. If you are unsure which course would be best for you and are interested please be in touch with me and we can figure it out together.

Buddhafield – Green Earth Awakening

Between the 23rd and 27th May I’ll be holding some workshops at the Buddhafield Green Earth Awakening in Devon.

Basic weaving
In this workshop you can learn how to weave on a simple cardboard loom. We will be weaving with woollen yarn and using cardboard looms that are easy to make D.I.Y versions of at home. This workshop will give you basic weaving skills and the chance to create your own woven piece. You could make a mini blanket, a wall pieces, wallet or small bag.

felt beads
Felt bead making
In this workshop you will learn basic wet felting principles and create felted balls/beads that can later be made into jewellery in the macramé jewellery workshop. For those of you who’ve been to the basic weaving workshop you can bring along your woven piece and give it a felted finish at this workshop.

Macramé jewellery
In this workshop you will use a macramé technique to create a piece of hemp jewellery. There will be a selection of glass and wooden beads to use. If you have been to the felt bead making workshop bring the beads along and you can use them to create a piece of jewellery.

tablet weaving
Tablet weaving
This workshop is an introduction to tablet weaving and you’ll get a chance to make a strong narrow band. The band can be used as decorative edging for textiles, a waistband, drawstring, bag handle, shoelace, bookmark or bracelet etc. This technique requires very little equipment, can be done in most places and can be taken down and set up again at any point during the weaving process.

shadow pic


Revelaing the invisable

I will be exhibiting ‘Shadow’ as part of the exhibition ‘Revealing the invisible’ in Margate from the 11th to 17th April 2013. The exhibition will show pieces by many different artists with chronic health conditions which show how it is to live with chronic illness.

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years since 1998. Now I’m 32. During that time I have done lots of self-portraits. All these pieces show deep feelings that I struggled with at the time I created them. It has been a cathartic process to create artwork showing emotions that I couldn’t speak about at the time. This piece was done in 2003 when I was 23. I choose this piece for “revealing the invisible” because it describes so well how I felt at a time when rheumatoid arthritis was a huge factor in my life and I was experiencing overwhelming pain every day. I had reached an emotional and physical low through the constant pain I was in and had lost my independence which was soul destroying to me. I have drawn the terrified ghost or shadow of my faded being hovering between the worlds of life and death, surrender and fight, fear and acceptance, joy and despair.  The picture is simple and stark because so were the themes of what my life had been reduced and evolved to. Showing ‘This piece’ means connecting with other people through my disease rather than being isolated and it’s about being fully honest about what it’s like living with rheumatoid arthritis at the same time as being human.